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The Villayge Idyots

Prankstyrs of the Renaissance

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We are a group of street entertainers bent on causing all kinds of entertaining "trouble" in the streets of faire. Made up of peasants (and a handful of pirates!) from mixed nationalities (mostly English and Scottish), our sole purpose is to bring laughter and merriment throughout the streets of the faire by playing dozens of games and performing dozens of humorous acts that are sure to have visitors and patrons alike clutching their sides in laughter.

We leave almost no stone unturned, but are sure to keep it appropriate for the wee ones as well. A handful of our members are also crew members of the pirate ship Reaper, the nemesis crew of the Privateers of the Dauntless who, when the Dauntless is in attendance at a faire, provide a massive crowd-drawing act of peril, tragedy, and comedy for an unforgettable event that thousands have loved and thousands more are sure to enjoy.

If you want to join this community to keep updated and in touch with the actors, please do! If you're interested in joining our guild, please contact one of the guild mistresses below and give them a loud "HARRUMPH!"