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I've decided...

..I'm going to re-design my Bones. For those of you going, "huh??"--my Bones would be my garb I wear for the Danse Macabre. I'll keep the same outfit, I'm just going to add a bunch to it so it's more wispy and ethereal-like. Those of you living near me, want to hit the nearby thrift stores with me to see if we can find some good materials (curtains, sheets, old PJ pants that can be made into bloomers, etc) for cheap? I'll be looking at doing that sometime next week, while the bug's up my ass for it. :)

I also want to start collecting fake/silk flowers, ribbons, and wooden beads for the costume I have in mind for the Labyrinth of Jareth next year. I figured out what I want to do, and I'm excited about it. :)

And! I have some spare material in the guild colours, so I'm going to start throwing some loaner garb together with what I have left, maybe a vest, or bloomers, or something. I don't know exactly how much I have, but when I find out I'll see what I can do. Jeremy, if I have enough for a good vest/doublet, would you like me to make you one? I don't currently have a pattern, and we'd need to get together and hit a JoAnn's or Wal-Mart in Sac or something to look through the patterns together and discuss modifications..

Just a thought. :)
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Okay, I've updated the Yahoo! group and added in as many faires as has dates confirmed so far, so it only goes to May. The more dates that are confirmed, the more faires I will add, and the more faires we agree to do, the more I will edit to say "Official guild event". But I will be marking dates of faires we're not officially doing as well, in case anyone wants to go with another guild or just for shits and giggles. :)

The dates so far are as follows:

March 11, 12 - Calaveras
April 29, 30 - Tulare
May 6, 7 - Queen Bess
May 13, 14 - Cedar Springs Mayfaire
May 20, 21 - Pembrooke (Carson City)


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Out of curiousity, and for fun, what is your most favourite thing about faire? What brings you back weekend after weekend, season after season?

You share, and then I'll share! :)

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Kearney Park Renaissance Faire in Fresno this weekend. Anyone besides me going??
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Here are the pics of Noodles and Kingsford from last saturday's Dragon Faire!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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All photo's compliments of terraluna_bat
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I've changed the scheme a bit. It's still pretty simple, but once I get the website going, I'll embed the journal and make it look all pretty and stuff. ^^ Remember this is for general chat, and the Yahoo! group is for important guild matters!
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norcalartnudes, my uncle, would like to invite St. Symeon's Prankstyrs of Mayhem to join The Naked Church of Christ and Booze and TV.
If you like booze, if you like being naked, if you like to watch tv...if you love Christ and want to worship but you're tired of the hypocrisy of most organized churches....This is the church for you!
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anticmuse has now been promoted to "maintainer" status for this community.
Feel free, dearest love, to make any modifications to the community that you see fit. Your creative genius will be much appreciated.
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St. Symeon's Prankstyrs of Mayhem now have their very own live journal community! Yeah!
Those prankstyrs that already have lj accounts have been added as have the two dragons.
I've also included L.O.O.P.E.D. cofounder and dragon handler, super_jayhawk. He's been designated as official booze and food expert. ;)

Hopefuly anticmuse and I can convince our dear guildmistress, Danielle to get an account.

If we can, I'd like to get a group photo taken at our December guild gather. That way we have a picture for the community page.
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