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An entry from Marti Miernek.

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I will x-post this to the Yahoo! Group. This is from Marti, who is a head honcho up with Bill Watters. Take this into heavy consideration when you guys make your garb. If you think Dani and I are ever strict about what you can/can't wear, remember that it's not because WE'RE the picky ones--but because the superiors out there want their events to be as real as possible, which means no blue spandex tights, unless it's a garb-optional event such as Calaveras was. ;) From Marti:

As a GM and faire producer / theatrical manager there are a couple of things that sway my decisions on how I run my guild and which guilds I let into a faire – from a costuming and entertainment points of view.

As a GM I’m responsible for the look and entertainment value my group presents to / at the faire. Our guidelines are (always necessary) revised over the winter holidays and presented to the guild in January. Our costuming guideline is strict and is getting stricter still as I’m trying to define and polished our look. I have a costuming director who is responsible for making sure that everyone in the group adheres to it. And I have no issue with having a smaller group of members that welcomes the guidelines and conforms to them rather than having a whole bunch of people who want to just come to faire and have fun. To me we are a collective and we need to act as one collective and fill one mission and we’re either all together in this, or look will sloppy. First one will get me to the faire. Second one won’t.

I’ve noticed that I don’t look at my guild just from the eye of a GM but from a faire producer’s point of view. Questions I ask: do we look like a collective serving a common goal, does our entertainment fulfill what a faire producer would be interested in having at his / her faire? Are we educational and entertaining? Etc. I don’t believe enough GMs out there look hard enough at their groups from this perspective and that’s where they fail and then wonder why they have not been invited back to a faire.

I’m in charge of theatrical vision of Calaveras, Sonora, Valhalla, Golden Gate. Calaveras I pretty much let anyone in. Why? Cause there isn’t a cohesive vision for the event. That’s hard for me. My mission is to bring together a walk through time village. Now that means I have everyone from Vikings to Civil war groups on site and I can “hide” the groups that are not 100% on par in their look among groups that are. This is a good event for people to start their year with, and for me to see what I have to work with for my other events. It is also a good event for me to let new guilds start up and gauge their activities for other events, give them my thoughts on how to improve, etc.

Golden Gate was / is a new event. Up to last year it was a “will let most guilds in.” event. Last year however I have announced that NOT ALL guilds will be returning for 2006. I’m sticking to that. We looked closely at the costuming / theatrical / entertainment value of groups. I can tell you that as hard as this will be for me, at least 5 guilds off the top off my head will not be returning.

Valhalla: much smaller footprint, rebirth of an old established faire that was considered once one of the best events out there. What can I say… strict rules on costuming similar to RFP, need for great entertainment value. I have over 40 guilds trying to get in. There will be perhaps 15 guilds with environmental arenas let in.

Sonora? Similar to SF.

Its about a vision, not enough people take that into consideration. I want my faires to look professional, not like a bunch on playtrons with a pop up tents or umbrellas. As such, I want costuming guidelines to be adhered to, and guilds that always strive to do better. I want to preserve the old Valhalla quality and bring that sort of quality to other events I’m running. And I can tell you now, people will be / in some cases already are pissed off because they know they’re not getting in. They blame it on politics when they’re denied for an event. It has nothing to do with that. It has all to do with the look and entertainment value a group brings to a faire.
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